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Hardscape Stone Work

Stone Work Northern VA

An ideal landscape brings a harmonious balance between hardscape and soft scape. The movable part of Hardscape, Stonework can create a fine touch in your yard. While soft scape comprises trees, shrubs, and plants in your outdoor living space, the hardscape refers to any non-living material in the yard which contains rock, stone or concrete.

At Original Hardscape, we provide the amazing service of Stones work with many varieties and designs. In addition, we are displaying some kinds to decorate your yard with Stone Work Northern VA.

Stone Veneer Experts Serving DC

Decorative Gravel

The most popular and versatile choice in hardscape designs, decorative gravel is the creation of different stones. However, these come usually in pea-sized with many colors.

Decomposed Granite

Similar to gravel, decomposed granite is a much finer stone with a soft natural look. The special shades of white, brown, gray, black red and green, decomposed gravel is available in an array of colors.

Synthetic Boulders

Creating terraces or retaining walls in a single form or in a group, synthetic boulders gives natural, decorative and bigger hardscape impact. This kind is man-made and available in enormous colors, shapes, and sizes.


The hardscape stonework includes another ultimate choice, Slate. From grey and black to green and blue slate is available in a variety of textures and colors. They generally used around the water features because of its water-resistance quality.


Incorporated into hardscape as paths, patios, stairs, and walls, a flagstone is available in an array of colors from light grey to blue.

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