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The full expanse of your landscaping vision with the creation of a dramatic environment is by constructing the hardscape. Therefore, it can serve as the foundation of your yard. When you make a perfect balance between your hardscape & the natural material, your backyard becomes perfectly beautiful and durable.

Through the flatwork, concrete, stone, bricks, gravel & other material, we aim to give you a firm footing in your outdoors. In addition, our expert craftsmanship can smoothly execute your projects from start to finish with the perfect tools & experience. We also have a fierce knowledge of the local landscapes and microclimates to help you choose the right color hardscape for your environment preferences.

To prevent your yard from the natural forces such as high winds & harsh winters, you need a Landscape designs MD VA DC that can control erosion, promote proper backyard drainage and irrigation, and withstand the elements.

At Original Hardscape, our team can help you Hardscape Designs a solution for your hardscape needs. By extensively discussing your goals and needs, and then meticulously carrying it out to the best of our ability. Design a perfect yard, is our goal to achieve.

To make your environment mesmerizing and miraculous, we offer a diverse array of hardscape materials. Which include:







and many more.

From an idyllic stone walkway with a shaded arbor to a grandiose outdoor staircase, Original Hardscape wants to turn your vision into a reality.

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